Executive Coaching

As a senior executive, work is often challenging, stressful and leaves little time for joy, passion and work-life balance. 

You absorb pressure from a wide range of stakeholders, including your own managers, team members and often family and friends, all who bring their own demands and needs of you, which may result in you having little left for yourself.

In recent years, we have also witnessed rapid changes in the way we work, the way we lead and the way we live. Working long hours to the point of burn out is worn by some as a badge of honour, adding to the pressure we may already experience to

Our identity has becomes what we do as opposed to who we are. 


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Executive coaching can support you and your team to be more productive and more motivated, all while having more work-life balance. It can support you to be the leader you want to be. And ultimately benefit your organisation by enhancing its most important asset – its people. 

Executive coaching can support you with:

  • Being an inspiring and motivating leader

  • Managing change for you and your teams

  • Driving high performance for you and your team members

  • Understanding and developing emotional intelligence

  • Creating work/life balance for you and your team

  • Bringing more joy into work and life


As an Executive Coach, I offer one-to-one direct support to you or your team members as well as group workshops, tailored to the specific needs of your organization.


For more information, you can book a free discovery call to discuss your requirements and to see how I can serve you, your team and your organization to maximise potential and performance.

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With a background of over fifteen years in senior leadership, management and marketing in a global corporate sector, I have a deep understanding of what it takes to be a great leader in an organization, to successfully manage change, to motivate and inspire teams, to foster accountability and responsibility and to drive high performance from yourself and your teams…all while bringing joy into our daily work and lives!

I am also a highly experienced life and career coach and I often bring elements of this into my executive coaching sessions. I believe it is vital to have a holistic approach to the work we do, as it is natural that what we have going on outside of work will impact on our time in work, and vice versa. This approach ensures that every aspect is covered to ultimately support you in every way possible.