The Happy Tree

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I am a fully qualified Transformational Life, Career & Executive Coach and a member of the Association for Coaching. I have a Certificate in the 'Science of Well Being' and a Certificate in the Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness. But most importantly, I am passionate about helping people to realise their value, worth and full potential. 

If you are reading this, there is a chance you might be seeking direction and support. I have been there! I spent many years struggling in life, stuck, feeling lost, with no sense of purpose or direction. I worked every hour available in jobs that brought me no great joy. I found myself in toxic relationships, giving everything I had to make others happy and wondering why I was never happy. I was simply all things to all people, with nothing left for myself. I struggled with stress and exhaustion, constantly ignoring the warning signs, until eventually I burnt out and ended up extremely ill and needing major surgery – twice! But still I carried on manic as always, constantly battling fatigue and physical illness, but just putting on a brave face and getting on with it. 'Tomorrow', I would tell myself…'I will do something about it tomorrow'…every day for years I repeated the same cycle over and over, and of course tomorrow never seemed to come.

Then one day, aged 33, I found myself sitting halfway up my stairs, not sure how, when or why I was there. Only that I was absolutely paralysed with fear and couldn’t move. That day, I had read something that said to ‘visualise your life exactly like it is five years down the road. How do you feel?’ And I felt terrified. The thought of life staying the same hit me like a tonne of bricks and I felt like I was suffocating, like my soul was being torn in two. I couldn’t live like this anymore.

I had one, precious life and only I had the power to change it and live the life I wanted. And so began my own journey of transformation.


I discovered my worth was constantly in the hands of others and I had so many limiting beliefs, it was no great surprise I had ended up the shadow of myself that I had become. I took time to tune in, reconnect with my authentic self and really listen to my heart as it guided me towards my own purpose. 

On my journey, there were regular signs that played a significant role in guiding me. One was the Oak Tree. As I had started to really get out in nature, I found I just loved being around trees. Their symbolism was so powerful. One day, I found a huge, old, beautiful oak in the middle of a field and on a tiny plaque at the bottom was the message - 'The Mighty Oak was once a little nut that stood its ground'. It resonated deeply with me and reminded me that this was my life. I needed to stand my ground and live it as I wanted. 

As time went on, I discovered coaching and immediately knew this was how I could serve my purpose and help others. I trained with the most wonderful coaching academy, where they shared my values of kindness, love and compassion and began coaching. The immense joy I felt working with people was incredible. My most favourite thing was to witness a person having a moment of realisation, like a light bulb moment, where they would light up so much you could see it radiating out of them. Shining bright!

It was profound how many other changes started to happen in my life too once I had comeback to authentic self and started to follow my own path. Life has never been better and I have never been happier. The Happy Tree, for me, encompasses everything my own journey of growth was about and I hope resonates with you too.

So that is a little insight into me, The Happy Tree and how we came to be. If you are feeling ready to make lasting changes in your own life too, please reach out below - I'd love to hear from you.

Sending love and kindness your way.

Claire x

The Happy Tree was once a seed, deep down in the ground,

full of wondrous potential, just waiting to be found.

It bravely broke the surface, not knowing what lay ahead,

and all the while deep down below, its roots began to spread.

And as it grew, the tree, it knew, challenges it would face,

but it bent and bowed, twisted and shroud, determined to find its place.

In among a wood of trees that seemed so big and strong,

this little tree would ponder when its own day would come.

And as the tree grew tired and weary, it heard across the breeze,

‘All you seek lies deep inside you’, whispered by the other trees.

And so the little tree tuned in and listened to its heart,

‘From just one seed, greatness can grow, from self doubt you must depart,

So stand your ground and reach up high,

what awaits you is the stars and sky.

And as you branch out, go out on a limb,

remember your roots grow deeper still.

They will keep you steady and support throughout it all,

for everything you face, they ensure you will not fall’.

And so the little tree decided to turn over a new leaf,

one that filled its heart with joy and full of self-belief.

And before long, the little tree, it blossomed and it flourished,

embracing its uniqueness, its confidence was nourished.

And today the tree stands proud and tall.

each challenge, it overcame them all.

And with each season, it lets go,

to enable it to further grow.

And this is how it came to be,

that a little seed became a Happy Tree.

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