The Happy Tree was once a seed,
deep down
in the ground,

Full of wondrous potential,
just waiting to be found...

Are you ready for something more?

Welcome to The Happy Tree! My name is Claire and I am a Life, Career and Executive Coach on a mission to empower people to live beautiful, joy filled, purposeful lives. To see themselves as the wonderful human beings that they are and to support them in stepping into their power to reach their full potential and shine. To believe in themselves and their dreams and to help them find the courage and pathway to pursue them. 

I support individuals in a personal and business context to bring about real, lasting change in their lives, breaking through barriers, doubts and challenges that have previously blocked progress or change. 

All in a safe, supportive, confidential space that is just for YOU! 

How can I help you?

Life Coaching

 Life coaching can help if you are feeling stuck or in need of change. It can support you to gain clarity and confidence, tackle fears and limiting beliefs, develop new, positive habits, overcome procrastination and ultimately live a happier, more fulfilling life that is true to you!

Career Coaching

Career coaching supports you with career clarity, change, direction, confidence and progression. Whether you are just starting on your career path, or feeling unfulfilled or stuck, I can support you to find more happiness and satisfaction in your career.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching can support you and your team to be more productive, more motivated all while having more work-life balance. It can support you to be the leader you want to be. And ultimately benefit your organisation by enhancing its most important asset – its people. 

Group Workshops

Perhaps you would like to work in a group setting with other like minded people.
Throughout the year, I run a variety of in-person and online workshops focusing on a variety of topics. You can find information here to see what feels right for you.

"Change is hard, but staying the                     same can be even harder."

Most people regret never trying something, even when they know deep down they really want to. We allow doubt and fear to stop us, often making excuses to not even try to make the change we want.

That's where the support of a Coach comes in. Making change is easier with help! It is my job to help you with your change. To guide and support you to believe you can, get clear on your dreams and goals and the steps to take, and to also hold you accountable along the way.

And I've been there! I've transformed my life and everything I do to support you I have tried and tested myself. You can find out more about me here...

Book a free discovery call now to see how I could help you. Change is possible, you just need to take a step.

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What my clients say

Life Coaching Testimonial

Thank you so much for the time you spent guiding me. I feel confident, unique and bright. My life is a work in progress and always will be but because of your help I am ready and able to take on this challenge and push myself where I didn’t think I could before meeting you. It has made such a difference to my self-esteem, confidence and so much more. You have helped me see my worth, my magic and the beauty in me. I FEEL SO FREE! The world is now open to me. I have all the tools in my box to go for what I want. I can put my hand on my heart and say, among many other things, you are a wonderful life coach. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Stacey -

Career Coaching Testimonial

Working with you Claire on my career change was exceptional, thank you. I was so nervous about it at the start but your ease and warmth made it so easy to feel like I really could make the change. The exercises and guidance through the process helped me see exactly what I wanted and why I hadn't take action before now. Understanding fear and why it does what it does has been huge for me, not just in my career but in my life overall.  I am really proud to have resigned from my job and be on my way to the career I really want. Your advice was invaluable and I am so grateful to have come across you!
- Abigail -  


Executive Coaching Testimonial

I just wanted to say thanks for all your help these last few months. I know you will say it was me that did all the work, but your gentle challenging and steering allowed me to focus and identify what was going off course for me and that helped me tremendously.
I can honestly say that without our time together I would not have done the work, nor achieved any of the goals I had set for myself this year. Having you to keep me focused and accountable, as well as help me to understand why my motivation was lacking at times was great. I really appreciate it Claire.
- John -

Group Workshops Testimonial

I would highly recommend this workshop as I went in one person and came out quite changed. Being part of a small, supportive group of wonderful women was immensely important to me and brought about this change. I felt safe enough to blossom. each week I grew more confident under the safety and acceptance of our group and saw the change in the other group members too. Claire is a big part of the wonderful experience. sincere, caring, kind, uplifting, calm, reassuring, wise, efficient, intelligent and more besides. She's where the ease and confidence comes in and embraces the group - true leadership. The workshop is time well spent on actively supporting yourself through the support of other like-minded people.
- Amanda -